What you need:

  1. NodeMcu Flasher
  2. WiFi Firmware from TBS
  3. USB FTDI to TTL adapter like these:

Accessing the WiFi module

To reach the WiFi module, begin with un-screwing and removing the back-side case. You should then be able to see the PCB, noticed that the WiFi module is yet to be visible. Gently peel off the yellow tape taping the screen connector at the bottom of the PCB, then remove the screen connector by gently lifting it from the PCB. Unscrew the screws connecting the PCB and the top-side case, you should then be able to completely remove the PCB from the case. Notice that the WiFi module is located on the left side of the PCB of the front side.

Wiring Diagram Tango 2

  • Connect USB FTDI to TTL adapter according to the below diagram

How to update the WiFi module:

  1. Connect your FTDI Adapter to your computer

  2. Open the NodeMCU flasher and select the WiFi Firmware for your device - you need to enter the path by hand:

  1. Set the Baud rate to 115200 baud in the Advanced tab

  2. Select the correct Com-port and click on “flash” and done!