Please follow the steps below to set up the Tango2 for Velocidrone or other simulators. 

  1.  Connect the Tango2 with the computer via USB. 

  2. Once connected, you will have the 3 options popped up on the Tango's screen.  
    Select the first option [USB Joystick (HID)] by clicking the scroll wheel. 

  3.  Your computer should then recognize the device [TBS Tango II]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    *The following steps are made for velocidrone, if you have other fpv simulators the steps will be different but somewhat similar. 

  4. Boot up velocidrone.exe 

  5. Select [CONTROLLER]

  6. Click [Assign Sticks] and follow the guide to register the stick inputs.
    You may even assign switches for arming and restart race.

  7. Now you are all set to practice with the Tango 2!