Please follow the steps below to calibrate the TBS Tango 2 Gimbals. 

  1. Power up the unit.
  2. Long Press the <MENU> button to enter the Radio Setup Page. 
  3. Press the <PAGE> button 3 times to navigate to page 4, Hardware. 
  4. Click the scrolling wheel to enter calibration. 
  5. You may choose to calibrate both gimbals at the same time (Both) or Separately (Left / Right).
  6. Follow the graph and put the sticks to where it indicates.  
  7. MOVE IN "+" PATTERN,  
    Move the sticks along the middle of X and Y axis. (*Ignore the graph.)
    Avoid diagonal movements. Go from the middle to the edge.
  8. Click the scrolling wheel when done. 
  9. Move the sticks around to confirm the results. 

    Make sure the dots are touching all 4 sides and there should be no twitching.

  10. That's it! Your gimbals are now calibrated!

Video guide: