Updating the Agent X

There are two ways to update the Agent X - Auto / Manual

Auto Update

  • When you launch the Agent X, it will automatically check and download the latest version. You may go to the settings page to see current and latest version. (Internet Connection Required) 

Manual Update 

  • If you wish to update the agent manually, please visit the Agent X product page and download the latest version from the link at the bottom

Using the Agent X

  1. Launch the TBS Agent X software on your computer
  2. Connect your TBS Device (TBS Tango, Colibri, TBS Crossfire, etc.) via USB to your computer
  3. The TBS Agent will automatically recognize the TBS Device. You should see a green dot on the top left of the device when it is ready. 
  4. Click the <Manage> button, you will then be able to change parameters or update the firmware of the device you have connected.