Here are a few examples about how to use the TBS Agent. The process is very straight forward

1. Install the TBS Agent and let the software perform the auto-update after the first start (internet connection required). The TBS Agent also automatically downloads the latest firmware. Don't forget to check the "Include Beta releases" box in order to access the latest beta version of the firmware.

2. Launch the TBS Agent software on your computer

3. Connect your TBS Device (TBS Tango, Colibri, TBS Crossfire, etc.) via USB to your computer

4. The TBS Agent will automatically recognize the TBS Device, press update. For the TBS Colibri Race flight controller, click on the "Update Colibri Race" Tab (see video below)

5. Once the update is done, close the TBS Agent and disconnect your TBS Device

Here are some example of updating the TBS products

>>>  TBS Tango update

>>>  TBS Crossfire transmitter update

>>>  TBS Crossfire micro receiver "over the air" update

>>>  TBS Colibri Race and Core update