TBS Crossfire - Update the WiFi module

Revision 2020-07-23

To use the latest WiFi based features like MAVLink over WiFi, you need to upgrade the module to FW

2.04 or later.

Important note

When you connect your Crossfire to the Agent X you may see the firmware tab for the WiFi module.

Do NOT use this tab to upgrade the module. On the next connect the tab will be no longer visible.

What you need

● TBS CROSSFIRE transmitter/ Tango 2 on FW 6.1X (beta) or later with WiFi module

TBS Cloud - Wifi Firmware 

● A web browser


1. Download the firmware files for the WiFi module and unpack them to your pc

2. Power up your Crossfire. The standard transmitter needs be be powered up from your radio

by the JR-adapter, for the Micro Tx a usb connection is enough

3. Connect your PC or mobile phone to the Crossfire access point. It will be named after the

main device (Crossfire, Tango 2...)

4. Open your browser and type in the adress bar

5. Now click on Upgrade to open the firmware page

6. With Open you can select the unpacked firmware file. For the Crossfire select


7. With Upgrade the file will be send to your WiFi module. Do NOT shut down your transmitter,

until the web-ui is visible again. On Windows you might need to reconnect to the Crossfire

WiFi network manually as it will switch back to your standard network during the reboot.