What is CRSFshot?

(credit: Chris Wind)

CRSFshot is the latest ultra-low latency protocol in the TBS Crossfire ecosystem. It is a collaboration between Betaflight, OpenTX, and TBS that ensures the 3 systems harmonize. 

> Benefits

In our measurements, we were able to see a 95% drop in variable latency, which results in a drop of up to 25% in overall latency. Lower latency is always better! You will feel more connected to your drone. The improvement is up to 25% and most of the pilots immediately notice the difference. Some pilots say they are able to lower rates - and thus increase precision - while maintaining the same feel. Others say they don't change any settings but feel more connected and confident. 

> Requirements

OpenTX 2.4 (not yet released as of this writing) with the relevant SD card contents. If 2.4 is not yet available, you can use the nightly build and SD card contents that we have prepared: 

Nightly Firmware: https://www.team-blacksheep.com/tbs-opentx-nightly.zip

SD card version 2.3V0029: https://downloads.open-tx.org/2.3/release/sdcard/ 

If you are using the nightly firmware, we recommend upgrading to OpenTX 2.4 once it's available.

On the Crossfire side, your firmware must be on 3.25 or newer. If you can't find it in your TBS Agent X, be sure to "enable beta releases" in the options menu.

Setup Guide