TBS Cloud - Unbrick the WiFi module

This manual does also apply to the TBS CROSSFIRE module

When you updated your devices to > 1.0 (Fusion) or  > 3.24 (Crossfire) and the WiFi does not appear or it’s no longer visible after an update, you can flash the ESP directly by these steps:

What you need:

  1. NodeMcu Flasher

  2. WiFi Firmware from TBS

  3. USB FTDI to TTL adapter like these:

Removing the display

As a few of the connection points are located under the lcd-display you need to remove them.

The easiest way to do this is by powering up the module (by USB or in your goggles) and letting it run for about a minute till everything is warmed up. Nor you should be able to gently remove the display and flip it over

Wiring Diagram Fusion Module:

Wiring Diagram Crossfire / Tracer TX:

Wiring Diagram Tango 2:

How to update the WiFi module:

  1. Connect your FTDI Adapter to your computer

  2. Open the NodeMCU flasher and select the WiFi Firmware for your device - you need to enter the path by hand:

  1. Set the Baud rate to 115200 baud in the Advanced tab

  2. Select the correct Com-port and click on “flash” and go straight to step 5!

  1. Hold the joystick to the left while powering the Fusion module by USB

  2. The display should show “WiFi unbrick - please contact TBS for more informations…”

  3. When the WiFi module is flashed, remove the cables and reboot the Fusion

  4. Done