Following Futaba remotes support CRSF by software update.  

- T18SZ

- T16SZ (separate power supply required)

To get CRSF support a custom cable and a software update is required. Instructions and firmware files can be found attached to this article. For the firmware update process please refer to the remote user manual. 

Once the firmware is updated and the cable is made please change the settings on your remote according to the description below.
Select Tx power on → Linkage menu → System type → page 2/2 → CRSF ON 

The CRSF output cycle depends on the system type. Setting it to FASSTest - 12 ch mode will be the fastest. 

In CRSF mode, the S.BUS terminal becomes exclusive to CRSF and setting of S.BUS Sx or S. BUS sensor can not be performed.