Video tutorial

NOTE: you may need to solder the little black (ground) wire depending of your system. When using the ESC with the TBS FPVision, you don't need to solder the black (ground) wire as you can see in this video

Are these ESC compatible with DSHOT 600 ?

ESC delivered after January 2017 do have a new adjusted input signal filter to fully support the new DShot600 protocol. Unlike some competitors design we did not just remove the filter - We adjusted it so that there is still noise filtered and ironed out while fully pass the digital signal. 

I soldered the big black (-) and red (+) cable on the ESC but my solder is overflowing an touching the little parts next to the pad (see pic below), is a that bad ?

No it's not. The little parts are actually oriented to face the + and - pads with the appropriate polarity. You can leave it like that, no problem.