The Elite bundle contains the three parts:

1. FPVision

2. ESC Extension board (pick one board among the three options)

3. Colibri Race flight controller

What is the ESC Extension board and which one should I get ?

The ESC extension board allows to connect the ESC/Motors to the bundle. Solder the ESC + and - (Red & Black) cable to each dedicated pad and the signal (white) wire.

Then make a solder bridge between the ESC board and the Colibri Race flight controller board to carry the signal between the two boards. You can see the procedure at

The board comes in three version: Diagonal, Vertical and Horizontal. Select one version depending of the frame. This video shows the different options:

Do you have a tutorial ?

Please check these video:

1. Prepare the FPVision board

2. Intall the ESC board and Colibri Race

3. Update the Core and Colibri