This solution is only for wings not using a flight controller.
Wings without flight controller need a wing mixer for the elevons on the remote which affects the channel that are beeing used to control the OSD.
This is a workaround how to still having access to the OSD menu by sticks using a wing mixer on the remote.


Channel 1-4 will be used for OSD control while channel 5-8 will be used for the wing servos/ motors.

Recommended setup is TBS Tango/ TBS Crossfire with 4ch or 8ch receiver. This might also work with any third party remote which can set the receiver output channels.

Steps to take:

- Create new Drone model on TBS Tango

- Set model type to "Custom"

- Go to "Advanced" menu

- Set channel5 Wing left, channel6 Wing right.

- Save

- Remove prop and powerup Drone/ Wing

- Long press button on FPVision board to enter RC calibration

- Complete RC-Calibration following the OSD wizzard on receiver display/ goggles (Default Channel: A1, 5865MHz)

Receiver with 6channels or more:

- Connect Servo to channel 5 and 6, motor to any other channel

Receiver with 4channels:

- Go to receiver output mapping (Crossfire enter OLED menu, RXmicro, output mapping)

- Select channel5 to output 2

- Select channel6 to output 3

- Motor will be on channel 1 or 4.