TBS products are designed with these problems in mind. While a TBS Unify 200mW (not Unify Pro) or TBS BOSS will get damaged after a few minutes of running without antenna, most other TBS products will run without an antenna, or even without a pigtail connected. Please check below for the rated times after which the warranty expires and the component will possibly need to be replaced. These times apply to the maximum rated power setting

* TBS UNIFY PRO: 5 hours

* TBS FPVision: 5 hours

* TBS Crossfire TX: 30 mins@2W, 1 hour@500mW

* TBS Crossfire Micro TX: 3 hours@100mW

* TBS Crossfire RX (8ch / micro): indefinitely

* Any 5.8 or 2.4 TBS receivers: indefinitely

* Any other 5.8 video transmitter: 3mins

* Any other 2.4 video transmitter: 30mins