1. An item malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect, the defective item will be replaced or repaired subject to the following conditions:

    1. Proof of purchase must be presented

    2. No physical damage

    3. No signs of modification

    4. The item is returned within the warranty period of one year from the date of purchase with complete accessories and packaging

    5. All returns must be clearly listed in the completely filled out RMA form. Incomplete information and unlisted item will not be inspected. 

    6. Refund and exchange for another product are options for an item returned within one month from the date of receipt

    7. All warranty replacements will be shipped with standard shipping, express postage is available but surcharges may apply.

  2. No warranty shall apply to any Product that has been subject to misuse, improper testing, assembly, mishandling, or which has been operated contrary to current instructions relating to installation or maintenance or operation.

  3. A product that is out of one year Warranty Period may be accepted by for Repair Service. Assessment is conducted to classify each item is reparable or not. Those qualified will be repaired free of charge excluding shipping. Those irreparable may be sent back to customer and customer covers shipping fee. The duration of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage and the availability of its parts.

  4. Products not manufactured and sold under the brand TBS are subject to supplier’s warranty policy. Any replacement or repair will depend on the brand-owner.