Contrary to popular belief you can carry TBS batteries on an aircraft as:

The current IATA dangerous goods regulations and your rights as passenger to carry the LiPos with you in carry-on luggage but not in your checked luggage. There are 3 classes of LiPo batteries. Below 100Wh there are no quantity restrictions as to the amount of batteries you can carry. Between 100Wh and 160Wh you are limited to two battery packs total per passenger. Above 160Wh you are not permitted to carry the packs as carry-on. 

The Watt-hour of a battery is determined by its nominal voltage and maximum capacity. Therefore, a 4S 4500mAh battery would have:

4 x 3.7 x 4.5 = 66.6 Wh (Number of cells x 3.7 x Amp-hours)

Of course the security officers can deny you entry with LiPos, but if you own a TBS LiPo bag they are less likely to deny you from carrying TBS Batteries on board as the IATA dangerous goods regulations are printed on the back!

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