Follow the checklist from top to bottom. If you don't see the expected behavior from your system, scroll down an inch and there will be the "problem explanation".

Start with a system that is completely turned off. Camera unplugged, video transmitter unplugged.

  1. Turn on the receiver and your video goggles. You see white noise in the video goggles.
  2. Make sure that the picture does not flash in set intervals.
  3. Turn on your TBS PSU by powering up your system. The green light goes on.
  4. Plug in the camera. The green light remains at the same brightness as before.
  5. Plug in the video transmitter. The pictures in the goggles now goes black.
  6. Select Channel 1 on your video transmitter and Channel 1 on your Receiver. Make sure only one channel is selected on your receiver. You have picture!

If at any of these steps you're thinking "that's NOT what I'm seeing, Mr. Black Sheep", then here's the list of things that are probably wrong, the numbers are matching with the steps presented above.

  1. No noise in the video means that you used the wrong cable between your video receiver and your goggles. Please use only the mono audio/video cable (one yellow plug, one white plug, 3 pins on the 3.5mm jack). If that's the case, verify your goggles are working by connecting them to a TV or similar analog video source.
  2. The picture flashing at regular intervals means that the device is cycling between channels. Make sure that you have selected only one channel.
  3. The green light not turning on means that your TBS PSU is not properly wired. Please check all your connections and verify them with the TBS PSU wiring schema.
  4. When you plug in the camera and the green light on the PSU goes dimmer, there is the slight chance of a short circuit in the wiring. Remove the battery immediately and double check all connections for short circuits. Here's a multimeter tutorial. Basically you just need to check continuity on each cable pin to pin, and check for no continuity across pins (pin 1 on the camera should have no continuity to pin 2 on the PSU, for example).
    If that is not the case, please open a support ticket with us through our contact form (bottom of the page). Your PSU or camera are most likely defective.
  5. The video not going black in the goggles and still having noise means your transmitter is probably broken. If you'd like, check if there are approx. 5V coming out of the PSU with the multimeter. In any case, open a support ticket with us through our contact form (bottom of the page). Your PSU or transmitter are most likely defective.
  6. If the picture is black, double check that the lense cap is removed from the camera. Verify that the OSD is getting power (it should blink red). Touch the video transmitter and see if it's getting warm (after about 2 minutes you should be able to feel it). If none of these measures work, open a support ticket with us through our contact form.