There are 2 parts: The Aircraft/Quad and the Groundstation.

The Aircraft/Quad:

Exchange the 5.8GHz Rookie/Greenhorn for the 2.4GHz Lawmate Video Transmitter and select the right channel. We suggest channel 5-8 for minimal interference with WiFi or fellow R/C pilots.

After installing the 2.4GHz Lawmate you are done.


Remove the TBS Dominator Rx (5G8) from the Fatshark headset.

To receive the 2.4GHz video feed you will need a Ground station that hold your video system.

Create a Groundstation with an Antenna, Battery and 2.4GHz Lawmate Video Receiver (tuned or stock).

Finally connect your Fatshark Goggles to the Lawmate Video Receiver. You will need the RCA Female to Female adapter to connect the Lawmate to the Fatshark Goggles.