Trouble Resetting After Firmware Updates?

Some RaceTrackers have had problems resetting after firmware updates. Below are some tips for determining wether your unit is affected 

If the RaceTrackers ring of LED's remains green after initiating the firmware update, your unit may be affected by the defect. 

To discover definitively if your unit suffers from a reset issue, try the below three step test: 

1. Plug in USB power cable 

2. Press the button to turn on blue flashing lights

3.Press the button to turn off

IF your RaceTracker turns off after the previous three steps, your unit has no problem.

IF your RaceTrackers blue light remains on and does not flash, your unit has a problem

Let Us Know.

If you determine that your unit suffers from a reset issue by doing the above test, contact us by opening a ticket with out customer support.