Can't Connect? Check These Solutions Out.

The following are some quick fixes and troubleshooting suggestions to help you connect your mobile phone to your RaceTracker unit. The expected range is around 15m (50ft), with ~20-30% variations being possible 

If you're unable to detect your RaceTracker using the mobile app, or your RaceTracker has a shorter detection range than expected your unit may try diagnosing one of the following problems: 

1. Loose Antenna

Your RaceTrackers internal antenna may have come loose from the connector. Check to see that the antenna is properly seated on the connector by lifting off the front case, and checking underneath the PCB if the antenna is still properly connected.

2. Bad Phone Case 

Your mobile phone case may be blocking the phones BT reception. Remove the case and retry tracker detection. 

3. Poor BT performance 

Your BT module may be one of the few causing range issues. Verify that your range is not adversely affected by location. E.g. interfering wifi, or other sources of interference. If your range is less than 10 feet, it almost certainly is a BT module that may have failed over time.

We're Here to Help!

We at TBS suggest you try any combination of these fixes if you're having connectivity problems. We also provide a range extender module that can help especially in cases of marginal bluetooth connection at ~15-20m (50-60ft). It will improve your range by a factor of 50-100%. 

If you try them all and see no marked improvement, open a ticket with our customer service.