There are several reasons why the TBS RaceTracker could fail to complete an update. In general, the fix is always the same. The TBS Tracker app does most of these steps automatically but in case there are bluetooth issues, you may need to do them by hand.

1. Restart bluetooth - will be done thru the app automatically

2. Unpair(forget) the tracker in androids bluetooth settings (manually) and try updating again

3. If you get "device not compatible" then the tracker must be paired in Android's bluetooth settings. You must pair it again through the bluetooth settings (the password is "000000"). Otherwise pair through the app of your choice.

4. If a restart of bluetooth and unpair/pair has not helped then reboot your phone and the tracker and try again

5. If your tracker has stalled, try pushing the button for 5 seconds, then release quickly and tap the button again. This should turn off the tracker. 

Important note: Best to charge the tracker before updating. 

Solution 2: Android versions

Android devices running Android OS 7 and above will not be able to update the Racetracker due to the way the bluetooth modules are integrated into the Android OS.

Please use older Android versions such as Android OS 6 and  below.