• If the motors spin up when the battery is plugged in, connect the XRacer to CleanFlight. Open the “CLI”-tab and type the following to enable brushed motors and press enter:
    “set motor_pwm_rate=32000”

  • If you see lines on the video coming from the XRacer, the battery voltage is low and you need to charge it.

  • If the video quality drops off quickly when you fly farther than 10m away, ensure that the pigtail is securely connected to the UFL plug on the VTx. If needed, you can glue it to the VTx. 

Firmware upgrade

Updating the firmware to the latest CleanFlight or BetaFlight is possible via the USB interface, as long as the board is in bootloader mode.

Bootloader mode

For this you need a soldering iron, solder and a piece of wire.

  1. Remove the main board from the frame

  2. Solder a wire between the two pads marked on the following picture

  3. Connect the board to USB and open BetaFlight/CleanFlight, click the “Flash”-tab

  4. Either download the latest firmware or pick a local firmware file and click “Flash Firmware”