• The camera looks identical to cheaper versions. Did you just rebrand an existing product? For SHAME!
    We clearly state that the TBS ZeroZero uses the same image sensor and plastic enclosure as some other models. Why? There are a limited number of quality image sensor providers, it isn't out of the ordinary for different companies to use the same type. The case was part of our effort to contribute to standardization. As a frame designer it is often complicated to develop different mounting brackets for different cameras. Therefore we decided on the same form factor, size, and mounting positions for our camera as other popular camera types.

  • The PCB/Chip looks the same! Are you sure you didn't rebrand?
    Both cameras use the NXP chipset, but the TBS ZeroZero uses the NXP2090 rather than the older NXP2040. Aside from this similarity they couldn't be more different. Using the NXP chipset as a base we built the TBS ZeroZero up from scratch down to the last resistor and diode.


  • Can I change the settings of the TBS ZEROZERO?
    No. The TBS ZeroZero comes precalibrated.

  • How is it possible for the TBS ZeroZero to be waterproof? The plastic case has many holes!!
    The PCB is coated using a acrylic compound, also known as conformal coating. It protects the PCB and the chips from the elements, especially water damage. We do NOT claim the camera is waterproof, but water resistant, and heavily advise against submerging the camera under power. If the camera does get wet, disconnect it from power immediately. Carefully open up the case, clean the camera by rinsing the PCB with water and place it into a bowl of rice overnight to suck out any residual humidity.