We highly recommend connecting your camera and vtx (video transmitter) with our supplied cables.

If you got one of our cameras and video transmitter the supplied cables will fit. Since the cables are connected 1:1 you can`t connect them the wrong direction. The VTX cable has two different connectors to prevent using the wrong cables. THERE IS NO NEED TO SOLDER when you bought a TBS camera and VTx. The Camera cable is labelled "CAM 12V" and the video transmitter cable is labelled "VTx 5V". The voltages supply what is being pre-configured from the TBS factory. 

If you want to connect other brand camera or vtx feel free to do so. In that case we recommend to cut our cables at the component side (not the DISCOVERY side) and solder the connector from your gear to our cable.

Soldering camera and video transmitter connectors directly to the DISCOVERY plates is not recommended unless you know what you're doing. 

Double-check the jumper on the TBS CORE before you supply power for the first time. The voltage are selectable (5V/ 12V) and need to match with your gear. By default we ship the pre-installed  TBS CORE and pre-configured with 5V for video transmitter and 12V for the camera.